The new update Farabel 1.2 has been deployed!

New update Farabel 1.2 has been deployed. Pick up your copy right now and save 50%!

This update features a new game mode, changes and bug-fixes!

So what's new in Farabel 1.2?

- A new Challenge game mode: Fight a new battle every day, and compete with other players in a new season every month!
- Critic : a new abilty available to all units
- 1 new Steam achievement
- Russian language support

Discover the new game mode in this short and brutal very first season!

- battle objectives & rules
- play new races, like the ancient gods!
- earn Prestige points
- level-up your Rank
- improve your Rating in the multiplateforme leaderboard!

Season 1 now live! Good luck and have fun :)

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